Rough topaz hollow “diaper” ring – fabrication process

I finished this ring some time ago but only now did I have the opportunity to describe the fabrication process. It is basically a hollow ring, with an internal and an external section. This ring construction is often seen in class rings, for example, but can be adapted to a multitude of designs. The outer […]

Beginner tutorial: sunflower earrings

I’m attempting to make more jewellery tutorial videos. I started with some very basic earrings, mostly to test my setup and see if everything is working properly. You can watch he video for these simple sunflower earrings here: And if you want to try making them, the components may be acquired here: Kit para fazer […]

Happy new year

I don’t find new year’s eve particularly interesting but psychologically, a new year appears to be a very positive time, full of possibilities and opportunity for change. We change our callendar, start a new planner, clean and declutter the house and make plans for the new year. Decisions to diet, exercise or better organize your […]

Nicole Hanna’s 2017 “Finish it!” design contest

This year’s Finish it contest has just ended. The contest is hosted by Nicole Hanna, one of my favorite wire wrapping artists and is always great fun. Nicole supplies the contenders with a list of materials and tools, as well as the first few steps to get you started on your piece. From then on […]