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[:en]Beach glass necklace and bracelet[:]

[:en]A friend asked me to make a couple of pieces out of some glass she found at the beach. It’s broken glass from some bottles that has been smoothed by the action of the sea and the sand – a natural tumbler: it may take a bit longer but gets the work done.

Since these bits of glass were irregular in size and shape and some were very small I wouldn’t risk drilling them, so the obvious choice was to make a wire net with a thicker wire at the back to link them together.

It took quite a few days to get these pieces done but I love the technique and feel the outcome is worth the work. I didn’t bother making the nets too even because the irregularity of it matches the random shape of the glass making it a much more organic piece.

Beach glass braceletFor the bracelet I simply added a lobster claw clasp to the last link. For the necklace I added a chain that has big enough links to make the length adjustable so that it can be worn longer or shorter, as a choker.

I actually liked these pieces so much I feel like making one for myself if I ever get the time and materials.[:]

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