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[:en]Going Victorian[:]

[:en]I love to get inspiration from history when it comes to making jewelry and, after trying out egyptian, celtic and medieval inspired pieces I decided to try making some victorian-looking ones. To make the dainty flowers that serve the purpose of focal beads on the first few necklaces and earrings, I used flattened bead caps as backing to support small beads and crystals wired together to make little flowers. This gave me the oportunity to finally use some of the multiple seed beads I’ve collected over the years but rarely use. I used thin wire instead of beading floss to make these flowers because I hate the way beading wire tends to strech or come undone so I don’t trust it to last. Wire can also break, sure, but even if it does you don’t usually lose all the beads in one go like you do with beading floss.

I started working with purples because I had a wider selection of beads in those tones and it suits the time of year but I’m also thinking about making some pieces in black for a more gothic feel and in red, possibly with coral beads.[:]

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