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Some of you may know that I like making music. About 10 years ago I recorded a few songs and made a home album, just for fun, for myself, family and friends. Since then I’ve written a few new songs over the years but with everything that has happened since, I never got around to recording anything new.

Now that both kids are at school and we have a studio set up in the attic, I’ve gathered the courage to start over. It means learning how to work with new software (and new keyboard and new microphone) that I haven’t used before, so starting again is a bit frustrating. Still, after a few phone calls and messages to my helpful and patient husband, in two days I managed to record the piano and voice for the first track. It’s one of the old ones, that I wanted to improve and ended up changing quite a bit but it sounds so much better that I feel it was worth it.

I love writing new songs and I want to record them because I like listening to my music, but the recording process can be quite depressing sometimes when you don’t really know what you’re doing (I’ve no producing skills whatsoever, I’m afraid). Still, I’m really happy to have one track down, as well as I can make it at the moment. I spent yesterday morning recording the piano, fixed a couple of things this morning and then spent the rest of the day doing voice takes (and a bit at night as well to re-record the last couple of phrases that still didn’t feel right). My voice is gone and I’ll never feel that it’s perfect because I’m not a good enough musician or singer, but I feel I’ve done my best and that has to be enough for now.

I also want to make a webpage so I can share my music online along with some additional information about the songs and what made me write them. I’m not sure anyone will care but I’ll do it anyway. After all, I didn’t think anyone would care enough to read about what I do all day and it turns out a lot of people actually drop by my blog  once in a while, so you never know.

So I was thinking about what to write on this music page, about me and why I make music, and all I could come up with was the absolute truth, which is not very flattering. I’m a terrible liar and on top of that I refuse to fool myself into believing I’m more than I am, so when it comes to selling myself or what I do, I’m the worst possible person for the job. As a result, my music page description reads: ‘wannabe song writer, crap musician, untalented singer with no ambition for a music carreer who nevertheless enjoys writing and recording music.’ I figure people will want to listen to it just to see if it’s really as bad as it sounds.

Hopefully I’ll manage to keep going, my goal being one song every week ou every two weeks (some are harder to play). By 2013 I should have them all down at that rate 🙂

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  1. 🙂 Já passei por aqui tantas vezes e continuo a achar-me muito parecida consigo.
    Não sei se é do signo ser o mesmo, com uma diferença de dois dias (e uns anos). Vai-se lá saber porquê a musica é mais uma coisa em comum, gosto de fazer covers (escrever não, não sai nada) e recentemente comprei um microfone condensador (passei-me, pronto!), e meti na cabeça que finalmente ia dar uso à guitarra que me deram e que nunca aprendi a tocar.
    Só à um ano é que consegui começar a partilhar com amigos mais próximos que me fazem elogios e críticas construtivas mas também nunca me vou achar suficientemente boa para publicar o que quer que seja (5 anos de piano, 0 aulas de voz e 2/3 meses de guitarra, quero o quê?).

    Em relação a sotfwares para edição também sou leiga, mas acho que o soundbooth é relativamente fácil e sempre se pode gravar a segunda voz e dar uns toques 🙂
    Não vou publicar as minhas mas fico à espera para ouvir as suas
    O que interessa mesmo é o divertimento!

  2. Marta says:

    Ai que boas noticias 🙂
    Até porque houve um tempo em eu sabia de cor a letra de um tema seu.
    Como se chamava? Paper Doll, creio eu 😛

  3. dee says:

    Acho que devia ser paper bag 🙂
    Essa nunca foi terminada. E com o natal e as doenças cá por casa, já estive parada mais uma semana outra vez 🙁

  4. Marta says:

    Eu bem que desconfiava que era paper bag 🙂
    Rápidas melhoras para todos, Dee. E um feliz ano cheio de saúde e sucesso!

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