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Chili pepper labels

This year there wasn’t a lot of money for Christmas presents so we tried to come up with ideas for homemade gifts. I made silver and gemstone jewelry for most of the women and even some glass bead necklaces with a cut cat lampwork bead focal for the young girls. There were also framed photos of our two kids for the grandparents and my husband made some chili pepper sauce for some of the men. He bought some cute jars, washed them and unfortunately the whole project stopped there. There was some glue from the price labels that wouldn’t come off and I had so much stuff to do on my end that I didn’t have time to help with that until after Christmas was over.

On the 28th I finally said enough. My brother is one of the people who loved the sauce the last time Pedro made it and he was flying back to England the next day so I got to work. I used rubbing alcohol to remove the rest of the glue from the jars, washed them again and filled them up.

When that was done I felt I needed to make a label for the sauce because otherwise people would just stick the jar on their pantry and later on might not remember what was in it. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time and didn’t want to spend days coming up with a design so I looked online for some printable labels. I didn’t find what I needed but I did find something that was pretty close: tomato canning jar labels.

Now, I want to state that I don’t normally copy someone else’s design and I wouldn’t have done it this time if I had more time and this was anything other than a couple of labels for family gifts. This time I really was looking for something that was already done so I wouldn’t waste too much time, and having a layout and cute colors already picked out made my life easier. I didn’t mean any disrespect for the original work or copyright infringement and do not claim ownership of the design.

In the end I wish it would have been as easy as removing a tomato and placing a chili pepper on the label but it wasn’t. The shape of the jar required long thin labels so I ended up having to redo the label anyway on Photoshop. I used this image for the chili pepper and just recreated the background from scratch in the same style and colors as the tomato label. It took longer than I had hoped but it turned out great.

I leave you with a printable sheet in case anyone else decides to make some chili sauce and needs to print labels. Just print on sticker paper, slice it up and you’re done.

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