Artesanato Bijutaria Joalharia Resina

– Tools make me aggressive

– I began metalsmith jewellery classes yesterday, so today I had to go buy a few tools I was missing, and also some fine silver to learn how to make my own sterling.

I’ve worked with wire and other materials for quite a few years now, but I felt that I would benefit from learning more advanced techniques from a real jeweller, rather than trial and error that tends to waste a great deal of material. Your mistakes can become quite expensive when you’re dealing with precious metals, so it’s good to have some guidance.

As I was coming back with my little bag of tools, I started thinking this would be a really bad day to get mugged. I wasn’t carrying a lot of silver, as you can tell by the picture, but it was still expensive, damn it, and I was feeling a little uneasy. The funny thing is that, because I was also carrying a hammer, and I’ll grant you that it wasn’t a very big hammer but it can still cause some damage, my mind kept shifting from “please don’t look at me, I’m not even here” to “mess with me and I’ll smash your skull in.” I think it’s a good thing I had an uneventful trip back home. I’d hate to spend my next jewellery class in jail.

At the back of the picture you can also see some of the new resin pendants I’ve been making recently.

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