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Converting wire gauge from AWG to mm

For those interested in wire wrapping, different gauges can be used for different things. Here are some of the most common.

Thin wire – 0,2mm (32g) to 0,4mm (26g) – is used to knit, crochet, to coil over thicker wires or as weaving wire, creating interesting textures by binding several wires together in intricate patterns. Some people also use 0,4mm (26g) wire for Viking knit.

Slightly thicker wire, like 0,5mm (24g) or 0,6mm (22g) is a little sturdier so it can be used to bind several thicker wires together securely and is also used for Viking knit and to attach beads, especially the ones with small holes. 0,6mm (22g) wire is thick enough to be used as base wires in delicate wire weaving projects.

0,7mm (21g) e 0,80mm (20g) wires are the most commonly used to overall components and findings, such as ear wires, jumprings, bead connectors, even certain clasps, because they keep their shape well once work hardened. They can also be used as base wires in wire weaving or coiling.

1mm (18g) wire is used for post earrings, jumprings and sturdier clasps, as well as base wires for coiling and weaving.

Thicker wires from 1,25mm (16g) to 2,5mm (10g) are used for clasps, thick jumprings and any component that needs to withstand tension. It can also be used for ring shanks. The thicker the wire, the harder it is to shape.

Converting AMG into mm

There’s a lot of information on wire work in American websites and books which use AWG (American Wire Gauge) as the standard for wire thickness. In Portugal and other European countries we use the metric system, so wire is measured in millimeters (mm). Therefore, a conversion chart of the most common sizes is a very useful tool.

9 gauge = 2,91mm
10 gauge = 2,59mm
11 gauge = 2,30mm
12 gauge = 2,05mm
13 gauge = 1,83mm
14 gauge = 1,62mm
15 gauge = 1,45mm
16 gauge = 1,29mm
18 gauge = 1,02mm
20 gauge = 0,81mm
21 gauge = 0,72mm
22 gauge = 0,64mm
24 gauge = 0,51mm
26 gauge = 0,40mm
28 gauge = 0,32mm
30 gauge = 0,25mm

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