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I had a request some time ago to replace a faceted glass cab on a brooch. The stone had such a specific size and cut that i knew I wouldn’t be able to purchase another to match. While considering alternatives I first thought about polymer clay, simply because I’m familiar with it and it would be easy to replicate the stone. With that in mind I made a silicon mold out of one of the matching cabs but it was obvious from the start that polymer clay wouldn’t work because it’s opaque. I could match shape and color but it would always lack transparency.

That’s when I thought about resin. I’d never worked with resin before but I’d seen it on sale at my craft store and I’m always up for a new technique so I decided to try.

Since I needed to mix a larger amount than the one required for one tiny little cab, I planned what else I might want to do with the resin before taking the plunge. I bought some cupcake silicon moulds and made a few more of my own. I saw a lot of tutorials on YouTube and read up on safety and what could go wrong before mixing a small batch of resin (30 ml out of the 150 ml package). I experimented with adding color by using soft pastels and ballpoint pen ink and trying out all the moulds I’d done.

In the end I decided to buy glass varnish to add color to the resin since I couldn’t get the other materials to mix properly. It worked perfectly. The color was only a little darker than I intended but I think it’s not terribly noticeable. I finished the brooch and in the process became rather obsessed with making jewellery out of resin. So much so that I just bought my third package and feel like I’ve only just scratched the surface of what I can do with it.

The only downside is that it can’t take any heat since it would be perfect if I could bake it inside a polymer clay frame. As it is, if I want to mix the two, I’ll have to bake the clay and then glue the resin cab to the finished frame, but I’m sure that will also work.

I may do a tutorial post on resin soon, once I feel confident enough I know what I’m talking about 🙂

In the meantime, here are some of the first pieces I’ve done, mostly with cake sprinkles.

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