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I bought some iclay to play with my kids during the holidays. iclay is a really soft, super light, alternative to plasticine. It’s made in Korea and it’s actually closer to polymer clay and biscuit because it doesn’t crack or become mouldy when it dries.

It’s an extremely flexible air-dry clay and it’s really easy to mix colours. It feels a lot like playing with chewing gum because when you try to pull it apart it stretches until forming really thin strings, but it’s not as sticky on your hands. In fact, it’s got an almost powdery feel and the only time it stained my hands was when I sprayed some water onto it because it was beginning to dry up.

They even say that if you add some water to a fully dried piece and place it back inside the closed container that it will become soft again and you don’t ever need to throw it out. I haven’t tried doing that yet but if it’s true it’s pretty cool.

But what I really liked about it is that when it’s dry it turns into foam rubber. It’s not hard plastic like cured polymer clay. It’s soft and you can squeeze it in your hands. In fact, if you roll it into a ball and let it dry, you’ve got a bouncy ball – my son LOVED that!


Above is a resin heart with iclay frame. It’s far from perfect because I had “help”
from my 3-year-old daughter 🙂 It was her necklace, after all.

I’ve been working with resin lately, and my daughter asked if I’d give her one of the hearts I made. Then she wanted to turn it into a necklace. It was one of the milefiori hearts, so it has glass beads inside, making it almost impossible to drill a hole through the top because the resin is softer than the glass and the drill bounces off the glass beads and makes a mess. I decided to try using the iclay to make a frame for the heart.

Just like polymer clay, it doesn’t bond with glass or resin very well, but it was a snug enough fit that it won’t fall off. I attached a wire loop on the top and let it dry. The wire loop may be yanked out in time but it’s easy enough to replace with a little more clay.

The best thing about the iclay frame is that it, because it’s rubber, it protects the edges of the resin, so if my daughter drops it it will bounce and be more resistant to breaks and scratches. I’m considering making an iphone cover out of it. I think it would work perfectly against accidental drops and I can mix my own colours 🙂

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