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How to avoid accidents while washing your jewellery

While making jewellery or during regular maintenance, it is sometimes necessary to wash your jewellery or components.

This process is often done over a kitchen or bathroom sink and there’s the risk of losing small elements down the drain. this kind of accident can have severe consequences, not only in terms of the loss of precious metal and valuable gemstones but also because you risk clogging the pipe.

To prevent such a headache there is a very simple but effective solution: simply cover the drain with an upside down bowl.

The water will still flow but anything you accidentally drop will stop at the bowl and can easily be picked up.

Another option is a strainer. They’re sold mostly for kitchen sinks and come in different sizes, so you should buy the appropriate size or your sink. If possible I prefer the deeper ones, like tea strainers, because they fit into the drain hole and stay put. The shallow ones, like in the piece below, can be pushed aside if we happen to drop a heavy piece.

Covering the drain seems like such a basic notion there are times when we feel so confident we don’t even bother and it can have disastrous consequences.

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