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I’ve wanted to have an English version of this website, and particularly the shop, for some time. At Stuffed Squares, I’ve always had the entire site in both languages because I have foreign clients, and having all the text in Portuguese only limits the potential reach. On this blog, however, I hadn’t managed to find the right plugin yet.

Someone suggested I should try mqtranslate. When I did, it seemed to do everything I needed except for one crucial issue: it didn’t work with woocommerce’s short description field, and that’s the plugin I use for the shop. Unfortunately, that’s precisely the field I use for product description. Fortunately I found the solution at the  WP forum  and it solved the problem.

Obviously, another problem popped up right after – everything worked except for category links to English language products. Instead of linking to the category, the menu items linked to a random post. I tried all sorts of things with no luck, because I’m terrible at this stuff and I was really tired by then. In the morning, however, the obvious solution came to me – the bastard was translating the category permalink, so it was looking for a URL that didn’t exist.

I went to the permalink options and saw that, despite having the correct term on the permalink field, it was greyed out, which means that it’s an automatic fill. I had to write the exact same text in that field so that WP considers it a custom option and doesn’t change it anymore. It worked.

I’ve spent some time translating pages and products ever since, but it will take some time until it’s all done. I think it’s worth it, however because I won’t feel as bad on those days i only feel like writing in English, for instance,. I can always translate it later 🙂

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