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Minecraft makes me sick

It’s true. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so nauseated as when I decided to play Minecraft. And for those who like the game and may think this is some kind of attack, let me make it clear that I mean literal nausea, the kind that makes me reach for some pills and forces me to lie down for a bit so I won’t throw up.

Truth be told, the game wasn’t entirely to blame because I seem to have caught some sort of stomach bug, but the game’a aggressive spinning certainly didn’t help.

Unfortunately, I seem to be one of those people who cannot handle FPS (first person shooter) games, where the image is constantly in motion. It’s not the first time it had happened. Quite a few years back I had to give up playing a game called Faust for the same reason. For those unfortunates like myself, the brain thinks we’re moving but the body knows we’re not so it sets off some kind of self-defence mechanism, as if we were being poisoned or something, which causes extreme nausea.

I love playing games, especially this kind of game where I can do whatever I please at my own pace, with no stress, but nothing makes up for 30 minute game time when you have to spend the next two hours thinking “shoot me know, I can’t take it any more”. Which is a shame because the game looks like fun, despite the extreme anxiety the nocturnal monsters cause, even in creative mode where they can’t really hurt your character. I develop too much empathy for my virtual characters so when I turn around and find a giant spider, even one made out of stupid cubes, it’s too much of a chock for me.

As for Minecraft itself, it took me a while to figure out what the hell it was all about. There are no instructions and you start off with no goals and nothing to do. After reading about it, I finally figured out that it’s basically virtual Legos. You pick up materials by breaking stuff – wood, sand, stone and so on – and the you build whatever you want. There are some similarities to the house building portion of Sims but with simpler graphics.

For those who have never played but would like to try, apart from watching out for that nasty nausea, I can only suggest that you start off in the creative mode instead of survival. There’s nothing worse than getting killed in the game before you have time to figure out what you’re doing. And the first thing to do should be to build a house where you can lock yourself in at night to escape all the zombies, skeletons and spiders lurking around. Fortunately, in the creative mode you won’t die, which is quite handy. But the house is useful anyway, especially if you’re as big a chicken as I am. I don’t want virtual block zombies anywhere near me, thank you very much.

If you don’t what to handle that kind of stress at all, I think that playing in the quiet level reduces a great deal how many monsters you find and ho they act.

There are also a bunch of videos on YouTube that teach you how to make all the stuff you need. The basics are a crafting table that you use to make other stuff, a furnace to make glass for the windows and so on. It keeps evolving until you get to a point where you can make potions and travel through portals to other dimensions. I doubt I’ll get there any time soon since I will probably need to restrict game-play to 10 minute sessions and that won’t get me far. But that’s fine. I’ll watch the videos and help my son to play. I’ll try again some other time when I’m not sick. if it still doesn’t work I guess I’ll have to find another fun game to entertain me that won’t make me feel like I’m dying.

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