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Minecraft sword

My son Tiago is a great Minecraft fan.

He talks of nothing else for hours on end, has the books, the Legos and watches tons of youtube videos to learn new tricks. He builds giant cats and secret passages made out of wool and full of booby traps. He builds spaceships, houses with multiple tiers, including one that’s filled with water, and fences to corral monsters. He has a pet slime and has slain the dragon.

His sister also plays with him but not with the same enthusiasm. However, after about half an hour of gameplay, running around the house pretending to dig up minerals and destroy monsters is a lot more fun and they both participate equally. To help them with this real life minecraft, my son asked me to make them some swords. I drew the project on graph paper, cut it out of Bristol board and glued some white musgami rubber on both sides, to make it less flimsy. I drew pencil squares on the musgami and my son painted them with markers. This is the resulting diamond sword:

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