Women’s day?

I don’t usually get into these things because I know that some people have a hard time telling the difference between equality and the lowest common denominator, but I was stunned to find out that, for some women, it has become common practice to go to a male strip club as part of women’s day celebration. to say that drooling over some half-naked guy is a celebration of women and equality is like saying that, since there are equal rights, I will now start beating up my husband as well.

The struggle for equality should not be about objectification, humiliation and violence. It should be about things that matter – equal pay, respect in the workplace and in relationships, freedom to wear what you want without fear of harassment, you know, those little things that should be natural in a civilized society.

When you stoop to the lowest common denominator, you’re saying that those abject masculine behaviours you loathe are, in fact, perfectly acceptable, so long as women get to do the same at least once a year. Really? Is that the world you want to live in? Because I don’t.

And I’m not saying you can’t drool over half naked men whenever you feel like it, just don’t use a date like this as an excuse to do it. Call it Saturday night and be done with it.

Everyone is entitled to whatever lifestyle they choose, but on dates created to address issues that are still relevant, these things give a bad name to feminism, which has already taken quite a beating.

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