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DIY home jewellery display

My jewellery box was looking a bit tired and had to be replaced. I realised I didn’t use half of my jewellery because I don’t even remember I have it, all tucked away in a box. Since I make jewellery myself, I don’t really waste time looking for specific items. If necessary, I just make one.

I decided to display my personal jewellery on the wall, so that it’s always handy. Like this, even if I’m in a hurry, I’m more likely to pick out a necklace or some earrings to wear that day.

To make the display I simply bought a cork board with a wooden frame and covered it in fabric. I nailed the fabric to the back of the frame but staples would probably work as well.

I used ball point sewing pins to hang necklaces and earrings. So I wouldn’t need a different pin for each earring I used buttons to pair them up. It’s a cool idea but I’ve since stopped using the buttons for the earrings I wear most because it was an extra step I didn’t need when in a hurry (and when you’re a mum, you always get ready in a hurry).

My silver chains and other items are kept in small ziplock bags to prevent tarnish. I don’t worry so much about the earrings because they’re fairly easy to clean, but chains are a pain to clean so I’d rather keep them shiny for as long as possible.

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