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Looper pliers review

When I saw these looper pliers I thought they would save me a lot of time. Cutting just the right amount of wire to make a loop at the end of a headpin is something that requires a lot of practice and even after all these years I sometimes leave a little too much, creating a gap between the loop and the beads. Pliers that always cut the wire to the perfect size seemed like a very useful tool. Unfortunately it doesn’t work quite as well as expected.


Firstly, the wire is cut at an angle, something I don’t like to do because if the loop opens even a fraction, there’s a sharp edge that can scratch. I like the end of the wire to have a clean, flush cut.


Secondly, the pliers don’t close the loop all the way, which means I end up having to use my round nose pliers to finish the job. So, a tool that was supposed to do two tasks at once and save time ends up costing me just as much time as using a normal cutter and round nose pliers. Very disappointing.

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  1. Fátima Costa says:

    Gostaria de saber o preço deste alicate de argolas

    1. Eu não vendo o alicate. Fiz só uma review do que comprei. O meu foi encomendado de Inglaterra. Não sei se existe à venda em Portugal.

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