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Tool maintenance

Pliers and other tools made out of iron or steel need some regular maintenance to avoid getting rusty. For this task we need some lubrification fluid, preferably with an anti-rust component, a green scouring pad and some paper kitchen towels.


I start by spraying a bit of the lubricant on a paper towel and rubbing it over the tools to clean them. then I check for rust. I scrub the scouring pad over the rusty tool until it’s clean and rub on a second layer of lubricant.

For tools that I don’t use as often, such as the dapping block and punches, I generally spray a coat of lubricant over the whole thing and then cover it with a cloth or plastic to protect it from humidity and dust.

For larger tools with moving parts, such as the rolling mill, I use white grease for the gears and spray lubricant for the rollers, also using a paper towel.

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