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Wire weaving

When I first started making jewellery, my favorite technique was wire wrapping because it requires so few tools for such stunning results.


Recently I’ve been refining my jewellery knowledge but I still love wire work so I’m now working on combining soldering with wire wrapping and weaving, to make hybrid pieces.

On those quiet nights when I have nothing better to do but I’m too tired to sit at my jewelleer’s table, I’ve gone back to working with wire, and especially doing wire wrapped pendants and earrings. It’s a lot of qork and requires a great deal of patience but I feel it pays off in the end.


At first I followed some tutorials to see how other artists solve some of the more typical issues, such as where to tie off certain wires ou how to securely attach an undrilled stone. I learned a lot but I can never follow a tutorial faithfully. My personal preferences get in the way and it starts to bother me how a pendant doesn’t have a bail, for instance, or just because I don’t have the same kind of bead or stone, so I’ll improvise. It’s the great thing about handmade stuff. Unless you make a true effort in that sense, no two pieces turn out alike.





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