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Mohs Scale – hardness scale for minerals, metals and other materials

When you work with minerals you notice there’s a difference in hardness between gemstones. As a jeweller you must know which gemstones are resistance to damage, both during the creation process and afterwards, while wearing the piece.

For example, while setting a topaz you can file away the ends of the claws without damaging the stone. The same is not true for a turquoise or a pearl. This happens because the topaz is harder than the metal of the file but the tuquoise isn’t.

I noticed I wasted a lot of time looking for this kind of information when working with unusual minerals, so I created a document where I gathered all the minerals I could find (that are used in jewellery) as well as metals, abrasives and other materials that I found useful. I ordered them from the softest to the hardest in the mohs scale.

So here is the result of my research for the last few days:

Mohs Scale

I hope you find it useful.

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