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Tutorial – twisting wire

Twisted wire is very decorative and can be used in several different ways – wrapped around a bezel, to make decorative jump rings or swirls.

Here are some examples of such use:

So long as you pay attention to a couple of important details, it’s very easy to twist wire and it doesn’t take any special tools, though the method I prefer does use a couple of specific items that make it easier.

1. Make sure to use dead soft wire. Wire hardens as you twist it, so it must be soft to begin with or it will break. You can buy dead soft wire or anneal whatever wire you have, using a torch. A simple kitchen hand torch will do.

If you want to know how to anneal, wire, you can watch this video.

2. The wire must be kept taut, so you need to hold it at both ends and keep a certain amount of tension on it.

3. You may use two wires or a single wire bent in half. The second is easier to hold if you only use pliers

4. You can use several different tools to achieve the same effect. My favorite is to hold one end of the wires in a bench vice and the other in a pin vice. I twist the pin vice until all the wire has been uniformly twisted. If a certain area doesn’t twist as well, I heat it with my torch to anneal it.



Alternate methods include holding the wire between two pliers, which I find more difficult to control, or using an electrical hand-drill.

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