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Nicole Hanna’s 2017 “Finish it!” design contest

This year’s Finish it contest has just ended. The contest is hosted by Nicole Hanna, one of my favorite wire wrapping artists and is always great fun.

Nicole supplies the contenders with a list of materials and tools, as well as the first few steps to get you started on your piece. From then on it’s up to you to create whatever you want so long as you stick to the materials, length of wire and tools listed. Simple, right?

I participated for the first time last year and loved the challenge of having to figure out what to do with all the wire I was meant to use and make a visually pleasing piece.
This was my entry last year:

The steps provided were taken from a tutorial called “The Well Spring Pendant“, which we only got to see at the end of the contest.

As you can see, there0s little in common between what I made and the original pendant.

This year the task was harder because it was a “wire only” piece. Since gemstones usually steal the show when it comes to jewellery, a wire only item needs to be well thought out to be interesting enough.

I made two other versions before the one I finally submitted, right at the end of the deadline. I actually prefer my first version but I had hammered the wire and that wasn’t allowed, so I made another a couple more until I was happy with the result.

The instructions provided came from a design that can be seen on Nicole Hanna’s blog.

This time I wasn’t so far off although I think my pendant looks like a reindeer and her’s is more like a rabbit.

There’s a pinterest board with all the entries if you want to take a look at what all the talented contestants came up with.

I have no chance of winning but that’s beside the point. I love the challenge and have fun doing it and also seeing what everyone else makes. It’s always surprising and I’ll be sure to enter again next year.

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