Is it truly a gluten intolerance?

People currently believe there is a gluten intolerance epidemic going on. I always found that rather odd because people have ben eating bread with gluten for centuries with no ill effect.

I’ve recently confirmed my suspicion. What makes me ill is the chemical fermentation additive used to make modern bread. Bread made the old fashioned way, with natural yeast (sourdough bread), doesn’t make me ill.

Greed to make faster, cheaper bread is the culprit that is making me sick. I wonder how many people have the same problem and don’t even know it. It takes some experimenting to figure out the real root of the problem.

I’m not saying there aren’t people with true gluten intolerance. All I’m suggesting is that it may not be as frequent as we’re led to believe and all the chemical additives in modern food are more harmful that naturally occurring gluten.

Giving a simple name to the issue and blaming gluten for all evils is just handy in terms of marketing. This way food brands can sell you “gluten free” foods with as many chemicals as they want and call it healthy. The same thing happens with “sugar free” products loaded with sweeteners that cause cancer. But until there’s a law forbidding their use (and the time between research studies and law takes a really long time) we continue to consume these things.

I’m not a health freak, not even close, but it doesn’t take paranoia to notice that food influences your health and well being. Paying a little more attention to ingredients in labels is just plain common sense. You can still eat crap but at least you’ll be doing it knowingly.

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