Metal sheet, Wire, polymer clay and resin jewellery tutorials

I started making jewellery over a decade ago, after trying out several different kinds of crafts. I had finished my college degree in graphic design, was working as a web designer and planned to have children soon, so it wasn’t the right time to go back to school. For that reason, I relied on books and tutorials to learn my first jewellery skills, by trial and error. I would make the same design over and over again until I was happy with the result and then move on to the next thing. I am thankful to the artists that shared their knowledge so I could learn.

I believe experience in any area goes through three stages – learning, making and teaching – and since people started to ask me how I did my jewellery, I began making simple tutorials or articles to share information with those who were starting out.

Since there was already a lot of information in the english language and I live in Portugal, I started out by writing my tutorials in Portuguese. Over time I’ve been translating them, so a few are also available in english. I’ll add more as I translate.


How to make sunflower earrings
How to twist wires

How to make textured brass cuffs
How to anneal wire
How to drill sheet metal
How to oxidise copper or silver (LOS patina)


Tips for wire weaving – sampler and how to hold wires
How to clean jewellery
How to avoid accidents while washing jewellery components
Identifying polishing tools
Tool Maintenance
How to make fine tip pliers

Useful information:

Basic notions about metal
Mohs scale
Conversion from AWG to mm
Review of 1-step looper pliers

I’ll add more posts to this section as I have the opportunity to translate them.

To view some of the jewellery I make, please visit my online shop.

Metalsmith tutorials:

Once I got to the point where I felt I was progressing too slowly by myself, and making jewellery had become a bigger passion than graphic design, I decided to finally enrole in jewellery classes. I found a jeweller’s studio in town and I studied there for four years. I learned a great deal about working with metal and setting stones.

I’ve written some articles/tutorials on the techniques I’ve learned while making jewellery for this course, with progress photos of the pieces I’ve created. These articles may be read on my other website,

Paper crafts/mixed media

Despite my love for making jewellery, my arts background has never left me and so I feel the need to play around with paper, paint, canvas and layouts on occasion. I make greeting cards, decorate notebook covers and canvases for photographs with mixed media techniques.

Here are some posts I’ve written on the subject.

Art journals and mixed media

Home studio and organisation:

Studio remodel
DIY Home jewellery display