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– The life of a blue necklace

– When I first started making jewelry for my online store I made several very simple necklaces because I like simplicity and because I needed more than a couple of items to start the store.

Some of those first necklaces never sold because they were not very original and so I’ve started recycling the beads to make something a bit more interesting.

One of these necklaces started out as a simple floating necklace with blue rectangular beads.

I love the color and rectangular shape of the beads and tried to use this shape as the base for the reincarnation of the necklace: I made rectangular links that work as spacers between each bead and mad wire frames for each glass bead to bring it all together.

When it was done I felt there was still something missing so I wrapped each of the frames in thin wire, adding shine, detail and texture to the neckcklace. I also used the thin wire to hold the glass beads in place, preventing them from spinning inside the frame. This supporting wire was supposed to pass through the back of the bead but I liked the result and made it the front instead, although it can be worn either way.

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