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– Wire wrapped rings

– Still in wire-wrapping mode. I’ve been making rings now. I usually try to make adjustable rings whenever I can but this time I went for a closed ring band because i wanted to try wrapping it in half-round wire. It makes all the difference because apart from giving the ring a more finished look it also makes it so comfortable to wear – square wire is quite beautiful and it allows you to do wonderful things but the edges can be a little prickly when you first slip the ring onto your finger.

At first I wanted to use some 4mm saphires at the front of the ring but the holes were two small to accomodate the half-round wire so I went for this long apatite bead instead.

I made a second ring using a very classical design to hold a cabochon. I’ve used a wire net in the past but I wanted a cleaner look this time.

This model works perfectly for what I wanted but the measurements still needs some work. This design uses square wire instead of half-round to wrap the sides because it make it stronger but it’s much harder to keep the wraps perfectly aligned and close together.

Also, the wraps should have been further apart to give the stone a little more room to breathe. As is is, the side wires work as a frame and give the stone extra support and protection – it really won’t budge and it’s not so easy to hit the stone if you brush your hand against something – but it also cover part of the oval shape.

The curving of the wires took some work. When working with silver I have a little extra room to make mistakes because I know I can fix them – tool marks can be filed away and so I can make tiny adjustments that would be impossible with silver plated wire.

These rings have a very classic look to them that won’t appeal to everyone but I like them because they look luxurious despite being made with just a bit of wire and some pliers. It takes a lot of practice to get it right but when you do you achieve a piece of jewellery that is both beautiful and sturdy, capable of lasting a lifetime – or more.

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