– Rings and sheet metal

– So my experiments with sheet metal were put on hold for a while because I couldn’t find the drill accessory for my dremel. I finally got tired of waiting and decided to improvise and managed to make the necessary holes to attach the knitted front.

I really like the end result and it was an easy ring to make. The only difficulty is figuring out the right size, especially since the knitted portion tends to strech a bit, so it’s always better to make the ring a bit smaller than the measurements seem to indicate.

The beads in this ring are faceted sapphire rondelles that I bought especially with this design in mind.

I made a second ring using thick half-round wire. It’s a bit harder to work than the sheet metal and also harder to drill because it’s a lot thicker.

The end result is a lot more delicate and in my next attempt I think I’ll use more beads but I also like the lightness that I got from leaving some ‘holes’ in the knitted wire portion.

My favorite thing about this ring, however, is the gorgeous colour from the apatite beads.

You can see more pictures of these rings on Flickr and other new silver jewellery on my store.

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