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[:en]New studio[:]

[:en]I moved recently to a larger flat and that means I now have a room all to myself where I was able to finally set up a proper work room for my jewelry, computer, sewing machine, etc.
It has one really long table on one side (actually 3 tables side by side) and the opposite wall is intended for storage cupboards although it only has one at the moment.

For the first time ever I’m able to leave beads on the planning board without fear of my son or cats messing with my unfisnished work because I can just lock the door. I’ve dreamed about this for ages.

The one think that’s still missing is an area for photographing my jewelry. In summer that won’t be such a problem because I can take it outside to the balcony and do it there. But when it rains I need an indoor alternative. I’m going to try and figure that out today because I made a lovely pair of earrings that are meant as a Christmas gift and i want to take a picture before wrapping them. i feel it’s important to document my work for future reference and because it’s fun to look back and see how I’ve evolved.

Happy holidays everyone.[:]

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