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[:en]New bracelets[:]

[:en]Since I’m waiting for client feedback on two of the custom pieces I’ve been making, today I started working on Christmas stock. I should have started by now but nearly a month with my daughter sick at home set me back a bit.

Aside from the more elaborate pieces I love to make, I always try to have a few simpler ones. The bolder pieces are great for special occasions but for everyday wear people tend to go for jewelry that’s pretty but subtle.

With that in mind I made a couple of simple bracelets, one golden and one blue. To keep them from being too ordinary I added a nice wire wrapped S clasp with some metal beads in the center. I feel that sometimes it’s not necessary to make something terribly flashy for it to stand out as long as you concentrate on some nice details.

The first bracelet was made with brass wire, glass beads with gold foil inside, honey yellow rondelles and gold plated metal beads. I started with the larger focal beads and added the other elements and metal color that seemed to fit better. The S clasp is wrapped in thinner brass wire with some gold plated beads in the center.

For the second bracelet I used the same basic model but added four rondell beads in the center rather than just one focal bead, then used smaller crackle rondelles on the sides and some spacers to add a little texture.

I used steel wire for this one and wrapped blue wire around the clasp to make it match the rest of the design and also to avoid leaving such a large of steel color. This way, even if the bracelet moves on the right and gets turned around, there’s always blue all around. I thought that was a nice touch.[:]

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