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For the past few years I haven’t cared much about Valentine’s day. It may seem important when you’re a teenager but close to forty I really don’t care anymore.

This year, however, I’ve noticed my husband has been a little down. Between illness, exhaustion, moodiness and plain disillusionment, it’s been tough, so I thought I’d do something sweet to try and cheer him up a little. Not that anything I do can make much of a difference, but the whole point of the cards and flowers ritual is to tell someone “I’m thinking of you and I care,” and sometimes that’s all you can do.

I got some peanut M&Ms (his favorite kind) and small glass jars with an old look to them. I separated the M&Ms by color, printed some labels and gave him a collection of “Medicine” bottles to help him overcome the worst days. Hey, sugar always works for me when I’m down 🙂

The frame I used for the labels is from Star Sunflower Studio.


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