sick days

So the throat thing is now a full blown cold and I can barely keep my eyes open today. Runny nose, cough, throbbing headache and the constant hammering from next door making it impossible to rest for even five minutes.

I’m so uncomfortable I can’t even watch tv to keep me distracted because my head feels like it’s going to explode. Thankfully the two kittens seem to feel sorry for me and have settled next to me on the sofa rather than out in the sun as they usually do.

I’m writing this on the mac since I can’t make myself sit at my desk today. Especially because, despite the heat, I’m trying to avoid the AC that needs to be on at all times in that room so the computers don’t melt. But thanks to having the site on word press now, I can write from anywhere I like, so here I am, trying to get distracted for five minutes.
Speaking of the AC, we finally managed to solve that problem. Our neighbours have, since the beggining, declared war on our AC because it drips on the outside of the building. I got fed up with the constant ringing of the bell to complain so we pulled the hose in and have it drip onto a water bottle that we then have to empty every few hours. It’s a pain and if we forget it floods the room, something that happens more often that we like to admit. So this weekend we bought a longer hose and arranged it so that now it drips onto the sink in the smaller bathroom, which is right next to the office. The downside is that now we can’t close the bathroom door because the hose passes between the door and the frame and making a hole in the wall for the hose to go through is messy and not particularly easy. But at least no more flooding, unless there’s a flaw in the plan we didn’t catch yet, and hopefully no more computer parts will melt.

On sunday, despite feeling rather crappy because of my throat, I had a pretty busy day. We went out to lunch and then my friend Carla came over for the afternoon. We talked and exchanged gifts and then went out for tea. The owner of the tea shop, who is usually a smart ass, always trying to be funny, was not in a very good mood and was quite unpleasant and arrogant. Don’t think i’ll be going there again any time soon.
I finally got to meet Carla’s boyfriend, someone I’d heard a lot about for years now but hadn’t met yet. He seemed a nice man, even though we didn’t talk enough to get a clear impression, but at least there was nothing odd or unpleasant about him so that’s good. She’s been through enough and deserves to be happy for once so I hope everything works out this time.

Yesterday I tried making an order or I love their stuff but the site is really bad. The menu doesn’t work on mozilla and on IE it’s extremely slow to do anything. The worst part, though, is that I got error pages whenever I tried adding something to the shopping cart and even worst, when I confirmed the order. I have no way of knowing if the order actually went through or not and it’s terribly frustrating, after all the time it took to select everything I wanted to buy. Considering the great free online shopping software that  exists today, they should really consider redoing the site. Because when you login you don’t even have acces to your order history, something that would have come in handy in a situation like this, when an error occurs. I have to send them an email about this when I feel up to it.

Basically the doll house stuff was the only thing I could come up with in terms of some kind of birthday treat and it’s turning out to be way too much trouble. But then, I really shouldn’t be surprised anymore that stuff isn’t working out as I expected this week. It’s the cursed september week after all.

OK, enough for now. My head is about to explode and I’m halfway between hunger and nausea, so I’m going to try and figure out what I can have for lunch that doesn’t make me feel worse. Hope everybody’s feeling better that I am right now.

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