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[:en]Seed bead hell[:]

[:en]Well, I guess you can tell from the picture what the problem is.

When I started making jewelry I got a good collection of sed beads. I made a few simple pieces with them but I soon figured out I had no patience for it. I’m a bit of a klutz so I kept finding new ways to spill all the beads over myself or the floor and then taking hours trying to find them all again. And even if I didn’t drop them, the beading needle or stringing material would just fling a couple of beads across the room once in a while or the beads would stick to my hand and fall off at inconvenient times. It just got on my nerves.

I stored the seed beads in boxes with dividers and never looked at them again. Then I moved, and somehow the beads escaped their dividers and got all mixed up. I let them sit another year because I just couldn’t face the task of untangling that mess.

Now, however, I started making designs that call for seed beads. Not entirely in the conventional beading way, where you use nothing else, but as smaller beads in flower designs, for example. That means I finally had to open the boxes and start organising thee beads by color and size so I can quickly figure out if I have what I need while i’m working on a new piece.

The first part wasn’t too bad. Since the deviders proved to be unreliable, I decided to store the beads in little plastica bags instead of having them loose. It also reduces chances of spilling a whole box full of beads – learning from past mistakes is always a must, right?

Soon enough, though, I got to the bigger mess: the beads that got all mixed up. This part is going to take me days, I’m sure. Oh well, enough procrastination. Lets start sorting…[:]

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