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[:en]Chaos necklace variation[:]

[:en]A while back I bought Eni Oken’s chaos necklace tutorial. I’ve always loved her jewelry and wanted to try some of her designs. I followed the instructions and made my turquoise version but I didn’t want to use the charms, something that is very much Eni’s signature element. I tried using spiral bezels on top and bottom of every stone but the result was not satisfactory. I liked the look of the necklace but the spirals moved around more than they should and didn’t stop the stones from turning.

It bugged me for a long time until one day I just took the necklace apart and remade it with a few changes. I used “S” spirals connecting the top and bottom frame at the front of the stone instead of two separate pieces and I attached the second half of the frame further up so that it doesn’t need the last pass with the decorative beads to keep it steady.

In the end I decided not to add the beaded frame because it makes the necklace a bit over the top. If I leave it simpler it goes from a party piece to something you can wear on more informal occasions and I like that. Besides, I can always add beads later if I want to.[:]

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