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[:en]New Locket Pendants[:]

[:en]The photo locket pendant seems to have been a popular idea so I’m posting two other examples.

The first is actually just a small photo frame and not a pendant. It was made for a couple’s 60th wedding anniversary.

The base color is silver and the texture was highlighted with gold and burnt umber paint. The gold gives it a very ornate and old-fashioned look but I thought it was appropriate for an older couple.

This time I used ribbon to join the two parts and an amethyst on the cover. I think it looked better with just the silver but it’s still an interesting color detail.

The back has a heart with the number 60 stamped on it, as a reference to the wedding anniversary.

The inside has pictures of the couple taken on their wedding day. The picture of the groom gave me some trouble because his skin was so dark and I couldn’t get a good contrast to make the features pop. After three tries I finally got it but the bride still looks better. Her hat, however, was another problem because it was white, against a white background so it looked like there was a bit of her head missing. I opted to paint it in with acrylic paint to define it better.

The second example is a pendant but it was done in black and white.

I won’t show the inside pictures because I didn’t ask permission from the client but it looks the same as the others apart from color.

The base was black and the texture highlighted with white acrylic paint. I used ribbon again for the hinge.

Actually, the hinge is made from three ribbons for stability. The center ribbon crosses the entire pendant so you can tie a bow on the other end to keep it closed.

The stone on the front is a hematite cabochon to go with the black and white theme.

I was very pleased with this last one. Even though it still has the antique looking texture, the black and white gives it a more modern feel.[:]

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