Are you nuts?

So over the weekend we sort of decided to try for another baby. I won’t be taking the pill any more (or any other medication so I better not get sick) and we’ll see what happens.

The rational portion of my brain is screaming at the top of its lungs ‘are you crazy? Do you have any idea what you’re getting into? No more sleep, your body will turn to jelly with no hope of looking human again and you will lose your mind!’ but the instinctive part of my brain has firmly clamped its hands over its ears and is loudly singing LA LALA LALA! over and over again.

Yes. I may be insane. But then it may not even work…

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  1. Vai ser menina! 😉

  2. dee says:

    Vamos tentar mas tenho as minhas dúvidas. De qualquer forma não faz diferença – se for menina eu passo a poder comprar Barbies sem sentimentos de culpa e se for menino o Tiago tem um irmão para brincar com pouca diferença de idade. Win win.

  3. catarina says:


    e sim, vai adr tudo certinho 🙂

    se for menino, que bom para o tiago. e passado o tempo certo, tentas uma menina hee hee

    se for menina, vais ao 3º na mesma, pra desempatar 😀

    adoro bebés!

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