Woke up startled just now, wondering if it was time to go pick up my kid yet. It wasn’t yet, but I seem to have fallen asleep on the sofa for almost two hours.

I was dreaming my grandfather was sick and didn’t get out of bed anymore and thinking I should go visit him. Then I woke up and realized that, off course, he’s already dead.

Last night I had some more spotting. Pink blood this time. I also had cramps so I was sure I was getting my period. This morning, however, it was all gone. No more blood or cramping all day. It has been about 11 days since the day I had marked as my ovulation date so it is possible that this time it really was the egg settling in. After all, I haven’t fallen asleep on the sofa in the middle of the day since my last pregnancy. I know we all need a vacation but this is ridiculous.

If it did take and all goes well – something I can never be confident about – the child will have been probably conceived on our wedding anniversary, which is very appropriate, I think.

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  1. Lisete says:

    If so.. it will be Tiago’s third birthay present.
    Good luck

    PS: buy a pregnancy test 😉

  2. Good Luck! I’m here cheering for you!
    That will be a really nice news.

  3. oiiii estou em pulgas para saber se já vem aí o terceiro ou se continuam os treinos!!! uma mulher grávida não devia ser submetida a este stress!!! 😀 vá conta!

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