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[:en]Peridot hoop earrings[:]

[:en]I love hoop earrings. They are not always in style but I don’t really care – I make them anyway and wait until they come back into fashion 🙂

I finally gathered the right combination of beads, in the right shades of blue, green and gold, to make the hoop earrings I’ve been planning for a while. I should have made them sooner, since the colours are more spring than autumn, but, like I said, I didn’t get the right beads until now. The peridot ovals are like leafs hanging from a branch and all the other beads (peridot, apatite and tourmaline) are wrapped as if by a vine around the hoop.

The best thing about the earrings is that they are incredibly light, since weight is sometimes a problem with hoop earrings and can make them uncomfortable to wear. These are light because the beads are small and the hoops are made from a relatively thin wire (hammered to keep its shape, obviously).[:]

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